We offer professional, standard printing service for all sort of printing collaterals starting from basic stationary items such as business cards to brochures and flex. Our designers know the significance of consistency throughout the branding, so they create a cohesive branding tone throughout all printing collaterals.

We have a concrete background in printing and publishing, with a decade of expertise in the field we have inherited detailed insight about the quality of the materials that should be used for printing collaterals to give it a much more elite and posh professional look.

Paper Quality

The quality of the print is mainly dependent up on the quality of the paper used. And the quality of the paper is measured in few different ways, such as basic weight and mils, the most prominent one being the GSM, (grams per square), so basically the higher the number, the thicker the paper would be. So basically depending upon the printing collaterals, the paper weight differs, for example for business card it is basically 350 GSM to 400 GSM.

Finish quality

The next main criteria that determine the quality of print is the finish quality of the printing. It is classified into three main categories. Those are as follows.

  • Matte Finish – It is basically a flat finish without any shinning effect.

  • Semi-Gloss Finish – Semi gloss finish falls in mid ground. It is neither glossy nor flat either.

  • Glossy finish – Glossy finish is completely shinning effect output.

Print Mechanisms

They are two kinds of print mechanisms used.

  • Digital printing: is used when the paper size of the print is small, somewhere around 19” to 29” and when the quantity of print is of the smaller proposition.

  • Offset Printing: Offset printing is effective for printing pantone color scheme. The offset printing usually takes higher turnaround time compared to digital printing. Each printing mechanism has its own pros and cons.

  • So we take into consideration of all the above-mentioned elements associated with printing depending on nature, size and scope of the project and the requirement of the client.


High Think Media Box is a complete branding agency. We offer a complete branding package for our client right from designing to publishing at a budget friendly way. The publication plays a major role in the promotion of the brand and/or services. We don’t just stop with printing. We put in our maximum effort on publishing side as well. We provide digital publishing as well as in person publishing too, to have direct contact with the target audience to have that rapport.