High Think Media box is the one of the professional SEO companies that generates SERP that we provide you at the end of each month to access the position of your website in various search engine. SERP is nothing but a report of the results that the search engine returns in response to a query. SERP stands for Search Engine Results Pages. Our SEO services are known for giving the maximum websites traffic numbers as per industry standards.

To start with, SEO is a digital marketing method, and we are specialist at providing SEO services for business of all scale and sizes. It is an efficient method to increase the quality of your website that’s an extension of your brand tone. SEO is a method of increasing the quantity of the traffic to the website.They are four types of SEO and they are listed below.

White Hat SEO

White Hat SEO follows tools and techniques that are legal and stick to the guidelines of Google webmaster. It may take some time to give the expected results, and which is quite expensive. The risk in white hat SEO is minimal and we are one of the very few SEO Company in Coimbatore who strictly follows the White Hat SEO to have a lasting result over time.

Black Hat SEO

Black Hat SEO unlike white hat SEO enables you to get to the destination very quickly using the shortcuts. But it is quite illegal and there is a risk of your website content being ranked lower or banned from the search results so we normally as a SEO company don’t encourage it as it is against our professional ethics.

Grey Hat SEO

Grey Hat SEO falls in the middle ground; it is not completely being called out by Google Master Guidelines.

Negative SEO

Negative SEO is incorporating both black and grey SEO to harm other company’s website traffic or your competitor’s website and making room for your search to move up, which is not encouraged by any SEO company.

Meta Tag

Prior to the rise of content analysis by search engine meta tag played a vital role in Search Engine optimization as it enables the search engine to analyze and determine what kind of content the website is all about. Meta tags are usually placed in the section of the HTML and it can be included in the content Management System (CMS).

Meta tags are used to describe the page attributes, keywords and other details that are not explicitly provided.

Title Tag

Title tag is the second major factor that’s important that enable to bring the website upfront in search engine SERP. It I s normally placed above the meta tag and as the name specifies it contains the title of the website.