Packaging Design
Packaging design is the key in the retail market. The more captivating the design is the more attraction it gets. So it is essential to create an attractive design, and that’s our sweet spot.

Packaging design is more than what just meet our eyes. It is necessary that the packaging design has to be eye candy to attract the customers, but it’s just a part of the designing process. Packaging design is as important as the product.

As the saying goes, first impression is the best impression. The target audiences get the first impression of your brand through the packaging design. So it is vital and necessary that your brand packaging design to be attractive and to stand apart from your peer and competitors products.

The packaging design is the first thing that the customer will notice if you are in to brick-and-motor environment. So the graphic elements of your packaging design should be unique, and creative to stand apart from the rest of your competitors and attract the customers. Packing design is the main method in sharing the brand identity.There are few things to keep in mind while designing the packaging design.

  • Is the brand logo clearly visible?
  • Does the packaging represent the tone of the brand, the color and the font?

If the answer to any one of the above or both of them is no, then it is high time to redesign the packaging design.

We at High Think Media box design, with a team of professional graphic designers who take immense pride and confidence over their craft roll out an elegant package design for your product that works well in the targeted market. While creating package design we don’t brush off the small details that are often overlooked, because the precision that we give to such details make the customers to know how serious we are about the business.

While designing a package design, we just like that don’t start off in the system. We do the ground work. With a questionnaire that contains the following questions.

  • What is the product?
  • Who’s the potential buyer of the product?
  • Where the product will be displayed for purchase?

What Is The Product?

A simple question such as this can give us many significant snippets of information that would be useful for the packaging design. Such as the dimensions of the products, how the delicate and fragile the product is. These play a major role while designing a package design.

Who’s the potential buyer of the product?

The main purpose of this question is to determine the gender of the target audience and the age group of the audience. As the package design should attract the customers for them to pick it up, we want to know who the ideal customers are and design them according to them.

Where the product will be displayed for purchase?

This question is to identify where the products are sold. If it done in online, a boutique shop or the big super market. In some cases the product is just a stand alone, where as in other it should stand apart from the rest of the competitor’s product and make its mark in the market.